Le Tour de Nelson 15th – 21st May

The legendary TdN starts on Monday (15th) and finishes with a group ride to Salmo on Sunday (21st). If we have enough participants there will be a mid ride BBQ on the Sunday group ride! 

There will be two segments each day of approximately 5 min in length and designed so that you can soft pedal between efforts. Each segment will be scored with equal merit and scoring will be based on participation. So, if there are 10 people that do the segment, then the fastest time will receive 10 points and the slowest will receive 1. Both segments need to be ridden on the same ride to qualify for any points. While we encourage participation every day it is not required. Try to make as many days as possible for a better score and remember that Gericks has rewarded participants with prizes every year.

I would encourage you to familiarize yourself with the segments because many of them include gravel sections and routes that are less known. The segments are not far from town and the mixed terrain is an effort to get off the highways and try something different. There is more climbing than in years past and so please encourage your mountain bike friends to at least try a couple of efforts.

Ride hard and ride strong!

MONDAY 15th May (Mixed Terrain)

Segment 1 (9 Mile)


Segement 2 (Bodard Dr)


TUESDAY 16th (Road)

Segment 1 (Blewett Rd Down)


Segment 2 (Knox Rd)


WEDNESDAY 17th (Road)

Segment 1 (Blewett School to Bedford)


Segment 2 (Old Bridge to Pacific Insight/The New Purcell Business Centre)


THURSDAY 18th (mixed terrain)

Segment 1 (Logging Road)


Segment 2 (Down to the Bridge)


FRIDAY 19th (Road)

Segment 1 (Lower Sproule)


Segment2 (Upper Sproule Single Trail)


SUNDAY 21st (Road)

Route TBA