The Lemon Grind – New Route due to Fire!

When and Where

Sunday 18th September

Start 0900 – End approx 1600

Start at the Passmore Trailhead/Slocan Rail Trail Parking Lot – Hwy 6, Passmore, BC
Finish same as Start



Register HERE $45 early entry, $60 late entry

 Event Overview

  • The Lemon Grind is an approx. 75km 100% off-road ride with approx. 500m of vertical climb between the 40-60km marks. The first 35km is flat rail-grade along the River Slocan from the Passmore trail head to Slocan.
  • The route then turns southwestwards for a 20km climb up the Little Slocan Road, from where the course descends back down to the river at Passmore.
  • There is no baggage transfer offered between the start and the finish.
  • The ride is mechanically unsupported, however, there will be water/food points en-route at the 35km at Slocan.
  • There will be a ‘broom-wagon’ sweep of the course to ensure any stragglers are accounted for.
  • There may be a time cutoff at the Slocan turn off (35km) in order to control the overall duration of the event. Any ‘cut’ participants will be expected to make their own way back to the start point along the relatively well-populated rail trail.

Checkpoints and Refreshments

  • Checkpoints and refreshments at:
  • Start – Slocan Rail Trail trailhead at Passmore – Highway 6 – km 0
  • Rail Trial intersections with Gravelly Pit Road, Slocan – approx. km 35
  • Finish – Slocan Rail Trail trailhead at Passmore – Highway 6 – km – approx. km 75


  • The start and finish point is the Slocan Rail Trail trail-head at the Passmore – Highway 6 approx. 15km NW of the Highway 3A/Highway 6 junction.

Facilities, Wilderness, Wildlife and Cell Reception

  • There are no changing facilities at the start point. Bring your own towel/camping van! Toilet facilities are available at the start point and at several gas stations and cafes along the first 35km. The final 40 km can be described as semi-wilderness and there are no constructed facilities whatsoever on the last 40km.
  • The route may be extremely dry and there should be absolutely no smoking or the lighting of open fires on the route.
  • Wildlife in the form of bears and cougars are not uncommon along the whole route, but especially in the last 40km. Riders should be aware of the risks of riding in the wilderness and are advised to carry bear spray or similar, to ride in groups where possible and to not carry open food in bags or pockets. Be aware. This is a serious matter.
  • Refilling of water bottles from streams and lakes en-route is advised only with suitable purification or filtering methods.
  • Cell reception is spotty at the best of times in the West Kootenays so best to assume zero cell reception on the whole route. Riders are encouraged to issue clear instructions to their families and supporters with respect to meeting points. Rider tracking using cell phone apps may not be possible. Riders are encouraged to use SPOT or similar devices for their own safety.

Event Headquarters, Awards, Podium location, Media

  • Event HQ is at Gerick Cycles, Baker St, Nelson.
  • Award presentations and post-event BBQ will be at Gerick Cycles after the finish of the event from 15:00 onwards.

Inclement Weather

  • The event will be held rain or shine.
  • In the Event of unsafe weather (e.g. fire or smoke) on event day, event officials may delay or cancel riding.

Warm-ups/Pre-riding the route

  • Warm-up and pre-riding is at the rider’s discretion.
  • Be advised that Highway 6 can have large trucks at all times. 
  • Be careful when entering and exiting the highway.


  • Helmets are required while riding a bike at all times.
  • Riders are encouraged to wear club or team jerseys corresponding to their license, if applicable.
  • Riders may ride Cyclocross, Gravel or Mountain bikes. E-bikes are also permitted.


  • The first 35km of the ride is on a shared rail trail. Be mindful of other trail users, alert them to your approach, do not race past other users and slow to pass. Max speed on the first 40km is nominally 25km/h.
  • Please love the environment and do not litter.
  • Please respect the privacy of route-adjacent property owners and stick to the route!
  • Give way to faster riders, be polite when passing others and always ride in a safe and considerate manner.
  • Ride quietly, only shout to alert other trail users, have a peaceful and wonderful day.

Participation Prizes and Event Celebration

  • All participants are invited to a post-event BBQ and participation prize giving at 15:00 onwards at Gerick Cycles, Baker St, Nelson BC after the event.
  • Washroom facilities are available locally.


  • There is adequate parking at the start point for all participants.
  • Note that start and finish are not adjacent and are approx. 20km apart. Transport from the finish to the start is NOT provided.

First aid and medical

  • First Aid may be available on the ride, but due to the long distances and wilderness elements is not immediately guaranteed.
  • Riders must be self-sufficient and are advised to carry SPOT or other satellite communication devices.
  • Message relaying to volunteer marshals will result in first aid or medical services being called.

Security and policing

  • Parking at start and finish points are unsecured and are not policed.
  • Local police can be reached at
    • Nelson Police – 911 and 250-354-3919
    • RCMP – 911

Lodging and restaurants

  • Castlegar and Nelson both have many hotels and restaurants for out-of-town participants.

Travel directions

  • Start and Finish point – Slocan Rail Trail trailhead at Passmore – Highway 6 – approx 35km S of Nelson, BC

Final Notes

  • Have a wonderful day!
  • Contact us at with any questions!